Army Of Angels

Army Of Angels by Jamie Holoran
RELEASED: April 19, 2024
ARTIST: Jamie Holoran
LABEL: Kill The Brand Records Ltd.
PRODUCER: Jamie Holoran

Song Title: Army Of Angels

Composed By: Jamie Holoran © 2019

Vocal: Chanele McGuiness
Strings: Nathaniel Wolkstein Quartet
Guitar/Bass/Keys/Backing vocal/Production: Jamie Holoran

Mastered by Jamie Holoran



She cares too much…   and trusts too quickly
Sometimes it hurts her, and sometimes she falls
You didn’t notice, and no one could see it,
For she never loses her… happy glow

And the pain’s buried deep in the part of her memory
That she has long put to sleep
She imagines it lying, with an army of angels, for the rest of her life

She kept the sunshine and shut out the darkness
She spread her wings, as free as any bird
But now there’s a voice, coming, from somewhere inside her
It’s just a whisper, an echo in time

But the sound travels deep to the place she remembers
But tried so hard to forget
She had prayed it would lie, with an army of angels, for the rest of her life

You find her crying and you put your arms around her
you listen as she tells you, the things you didn’t know
and you’re so amazed, she’s kept all this a secret
and you feel a closeness that you’ve… never felt before

And you say you know these things, they never stopped you from being,
the beautiful person that you are
And I swear you were blessed by an army of angels
and there’s no-one more precious… more precious in this world

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